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Customised Taekwondo Club hoodies!

Customised Taekwondo Club hoodies!

“Sometimes it is more about promoting your club than making a profit on the clothing your students wear :)”

We have just added these to our online shop so that students can buy direct from us:

If you are interested in us adding your club products to our shop for you members to order individually, or if multiple quantities required we can issue a discount voucher, please email [email protected] for details.

These examples are ideal for students of the

Wellingborough Taekwon-do Club


Wellingborough Taekwondo t-shirts
T-shirt print front or back in white and gold vinyl
Customised Taekwondo hoodies front print in white vinyl
Customised Taekwondo hoodies
Customised Taekwondo hoodies back print in white and gold vinyl